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Miami Valley Risk Management


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Miami Valley Risk Management
3085 Woodman Drive Suite 200
Kettering, OH 45420

Welcome to

Miami Valley Risk Management Association

What is MVRMA?

MVRMA is a member-driven risk management pool whose mission is to deliver high quality risk management services to its member municipalities in a manner that provides long-term financial stability, minimization of risks and protection of mutual interests.

The pool was formed in 1988 by 6 charter member cities and has selectively increased membership to 21 cities located in southwest Ohio. MVRMA addresses its members' risk management and risk financing needs by providing a combination of self insurance and commercial insurance/reinsurance for members' property and casualty exposures. MVRMA offers many value-added services, including a claims/litigation management program, provides extensive loss control consulting and training, and acts as a clearing house for risk management information.


Miami Valley Risk Management is a consortium of municipalities located in southwest Ohio which, beginning in 1988, formed an Association under Section 2744.081 of the Ohio Revised Code to act collectively in addressing its members' risk management and risk financing needs.

What's New


  • Long-term financial stability
  • Reduced costs from group purchase of excess insurance
  • Member owned and member controlled
  • Representation on the Board of Trustees
  • Regular opportunities to interact with other members, staff, consultants and defense counsel
  • In-house claims administration
  • Significantly reduced administrative overhead and tax exempt status
  • Loss control, safety and risk management consultation and enhanced intergovernmental cooperation
  • Return of Unused Loss Funds